The 9th International Conference on Word and Image Studies, L'imaginaire / The Imaginary, will be held at the Université du Québec à Montreal, from August 22-26 2011.

The conference will be held under the auspices of FIGURA, the Research Center on Text and the Imaginary, of NT2, the Reseach Laboratory on Hypermedia Arts and Literature, of CRILCQ, le Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la littérature et la culture québécoises and of the Faculty of Art.


The Imaginary
Centred on the Imaginary, whether this concept is understood as an interface between the subjective position and the world, as a register of thought or as the universe of images and signs, texts and objects of thought, this conference will explore the relationship between text and image in a transformative context that finds us more and more decisively crossing from a book-centred to a screen-centred culture. In this context, the imaginary affirms itself as a way of interpreting the world; it is clearly inscribed at the heart of our relationships with art, literature and culture. The conference will enable us to explore this theme through theoretical inquiries that seek to define and conceptualize this notion, as well as through the practices of analysis and interpretation of texts and images, in both historical and contemporary perspectives, at the intersection of visual and textual culture studies, through interdisciplinary and intermedial approaches.

Executive Committee (IAWIS/AIERTI)

Véronique Plesch, Colby College, Maine (USA)

Catriona MacLeod, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania (USA)


Organizing Committee (Montréal)

Bertrand Gervais (Études littéraires, UQAM) et Dominic Hardy (Histoire de l’art, UQAM)


Marie Fraser (Histoire de l’art, UQAM)

Vincent Lavoie (Histoire de l’art, UQAM)

Céline Poisson (Design, UQAM)



Lise Bizzoni, CoordinatorCRILCQ

Isabelle Caron, CoordinatorNT2

Bronja Hildgen, CoordinatorFIGURA

Alice van der Klei, Coordinator ERIC LINT